All passengers wanting to use any of Southern Cross Transit services must pay a fare OR tender a valid FREE PASS for the for the journey they are undertaking.

Acceptable Payment - All Payments must be made using our PRE PAID SMARTCARD system, however, a CASH FARE can be paid to our drivers until a prepaid SmartCard is obtained. Regular CASH PAYMENTS to our drivers will not ll no longer be accepted. For more information, please click here. To view the SmartCard Terms & Conditions click here

Fare Evasion - Unfortunately, the incidence of fare evasion by school students has increased in recent times. Some students have exploited the framework for safe travel of school students by not paying the correct fare, thinking that they will not be refused travel. Stakeholders need to work collaboratively to make sure that it is clear that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated

Free or Subsidised Travel

are only available to students who eligible under the Qld Government Student Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS) and must present these appropriate Bus Passes to the driver when boarding the bus. For information about which Bus Passes are valid for Free and subsidised Travel, please click here.

Full & Subsidised Fares - NOTE: some Bus Fares will increase in 2021 

The following list provides you with a link to the Fare Tables for travel to and from various destinations. Please click on the school or suburb from the above list that you wish to travel to and/or from. A PDF file will open showing a table of the applicable fares from your suburb.

Click on one of the the headings below to view 2020 fares, NEW 2021 Bus Fares will be publised as soon as the Qld Department of Transport approves them:


Passes & Tickets

SMART CARDS issued by our office are the only Passes Southern Cross Transit accept. No other passes are valid for travel on any of our services. Please CLICK HERE for more information

Receipts for SMART CARD transactions - will only be issued on request by the bus driver.

Should you require any further clarification of have any concerns please do not hesitate to call or email our office

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