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Charter Bus Hire Terms and Conditions


  1. Southern Cross Transit (Qld) Pty Ltd is authorised by Queensland Transport to operate Southern Cross Transit buses and coaches under our authorisation number 900310163



  2. The Hirer, refers to the person or company who is engaging the services of Southern Cross Transit (Qld) Pty Ltd. In this agreement the term “THE CHARTER PROVIDER” shall include Southern Cross Transit (Qld) Pty Ltd its servants, agents and subcontractors."

  3. The Hirer contracts with The Charter Provider upon behalf of the passengers and acts as the agent for all passengers travelling upon the vehicle/s.  The Hirer expressly warrants that they have the full authority of all passengers to enter into a contract on their behalf and to accept the conditions of hire. 

  4. The Hirer shall indemnify The Charter Provider  against any loss, claim damage, award or settlement which may be made in excess of the exclusions and limitation of liability contained in these conditions of hire as a consequence of any lack of authority upon the part of the Hirer to enter into a contract with The Charter Provider.

  5. These terms and conditions contain all the terms of the proposed contract between The Charter Provider and the Hirer and The Charter Provider will not be bound by any additional oral or written terms whether purporting to be part of this arrangement or collateral to it.



  6. In the event of any increase in The Charter Provider’s standard charges for the charter to be provided for in this quotation or in the cost of providing those services above those anticipated at the time of providing the charter, The Charter Provider may increase the total cost and the Hirer shall be liable to the Charter Provider jointly and severely for such increase.

  7. Quotes are valid for 28 days, and may be extended upon request of the Hirer at the discretion of The Charter Provider.  The Charter Provider may adjust the price of an extended quote to allow for price rises.

  8. Quotes are subject to the availability of the vehicle, which can only be confirmed upon acceptance of a quote.  Acceptance of a quote by the Hirer does not guarantee that a vehicle is available. The Hirer will receive a booking confirmation, once it has been established that a vehicle is available.



  9. Any variations to the original charter booking may incur additional charges and fees.

  10. Quotations are given based on information supplied by the Hirer, and unless otherwise requested, assume the most direct route. The Charter Provider has the right to vary the price at any time should the charter differ in any way to that described by the Hirer.

  11. Unless stated otherwise, all admission charges, meals, accommodation, vehicle parking charges and toll prices are not included in the quoted price.



  12. Unless stated otherwise, all prices include GST.



  13. The use of the vehicle when not required as part of the duties within a quote is at the discretion of the Charter Provider.  The Hirer should not assume that the vehicle will remain at any point between outward and return journeys, or that it is available for use when parked at such points.



  14. Subject to the availability of a vehicle, The Charter Provider will confirm a booking once the Hirer has accepted the quote in writing and agreed to these terms and conditions.



  15. Whilst the Charter Provider will endeavour to accommodate the requests of the hirer where possible, changes to the booking after confirmation are at the discretion of the Charter Provider at the time of the request, subject to availability and may incur extra charges.



  16. The Charter Provider may substitute any other vehicle for its own vehicle to transport passengers and their luggage.

  17. Where the services of another operator are provided for in this charter, it is agreed and understood that The Charter Provider is acting only as agent for the passenger to arrange such services and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any default of that operator. 



  18. The Charter Provider will provide vehicle(s) to accommodate the number of passengers specified by the Hirer at the time of booking. The vehicle size may vary.All vehicles are subject to restrictions as to their carrying capacity as imposed by statute.  . 



  19. The Hirer accepts that the driver shall be the sole judge as to whether and to what extent a passengers’ luggage and effects can be carried. 

  20. No one piece of luggage is to exceed 10 KGs

  21. Undercarriage Luggage - 1 Bag per person/child – approx. 60cm x 20 cm case or soft bag (do not attach your sleeping bag or pillow to your case/bag).

  22. Loading Undercarriage Luggage – all persons, students and teachers, including teacher aids etc., are responsible to place all baggage in the undercarriage of the bus under the guidance and supervision of our driver who may assist if they are able to where necessary.

  23. Onboard Luggage – only small carry-on bags, sleeping bags, and pillow are permissible and must be placed in luggage racks or under seat. Our driver will assist if they are able to where necessary.

  24. Onboard Food and Drinks –  Water Bottles only to be taken on board the busNo food to be consumed on the bus. Lollies, if necessary, can be taken on board BUT only hard sweets, e.g., Barley or Honey.

  25. No soft drinks or fruit juices to be taken on the bus.

  26. No gums or soft sweets to be eaten on board.



  27. Persons under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs who are likely to become objectionable or unruly towards other persons inside or outside of the vehicle; or passengers who may become sick or abusive may be refused carriage.

  28. The Charter Provider reserves the right to charge a bond and/or a clean & repair fee, to pay for excess cleaning or damage caused by passengers. Costs are to be paid by the Hirer as soon as amounts are determined.



  29. The Charter Provider is not responsible for any damage to or loss of any property left upon the vehicle by a passenger whether or not with the knowledge of The Charter Provider, its employees or agents.

  30. The Charter Provider will not be liable for any loss or injury sustained by any passengers who fails to join a vehicle at the appointed time. Indemnity - Loss Damage due to departure or arrival time.

  31. The Charter Provider shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or consequential upon, directly or indirectly, any abandonment of delay in departure or delay during the trip, howsoever caused.

  32. The Charter Provider will not be liable for the sickness of or any other injury to any passenger or for the loss of or any damage to any personal effects, luggage, or other goods, whether caused by The Charter Provider negligence or otherwise, Hirer and the traveller jointly and severely agree to indemnify The Charter Provider against any liability to any person on whose behalf such travel was chartered.

  33. The Charter Provider will not be held liable for loss or inconvenience caused by the actual journey time and or breakdown of the vehicle.

  34. The Charter Provider shall not be liable if weather and/or road conditions at the time of hire resulting in delays and or cancellation.

  35. We do not accept any liability of whatever nature, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of third party providers over whom we have no direct control.

  36. We do not accept any liability in contract, tort or otherwise for any injury, damage, loss (including consequential loss), delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or any other event which is beyond our control and which is not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part.

  37. Under circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the purchased travel arrangements.



  38. Passengers must wear seatbelts where fitted.

  39. NO SMOKING is permitted on buses. (It is against the law in Queensland to smoke in a Public Transport Vehicle).

  40. NO ALCOHOL is permitted unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Charter Provider.

  41. NO FOOD is permitted unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Charter Provider.

  42. All passengers must be seated when the vehicle is moving.

  43. Passengers are not permitted to place any part of their body outside the vehicle whilst the vehicle is moving.



  44. Acceptance of special requests by the Hirer during the hire period is at the express discretion of The Charter Provider and may incur an additional charge.



  45. Any additional waiting time not included in original quote, may incur an additional charge.



  46. The Hirer must not load any vehicle beyond the number of passengers that it is legally permitted to carry.



  47. The Charter Provider will endeavour to adhere to the stated departure and arrival times, but will not be liable for any failure to meet those times

  48. Passengers must adhere to agreed boarding and departure times. The Charter Provider reserves the right to withdraw a vehicle if a group fails to board at the specified time.

  49. Should the Hirer detain a vehicle or a longer journey is taken, The Charter Provider reserve the right to make additional charges to cover costs incurred.



  50. * Alcoholic Beverages (unless written consent has been given)
    * Decorations (unless written consent has been given)
    * Smoking
    * Glass containers
    * Golf shoes or other shoes with spikes
    * Fuel containers or Gas bottles
    * Generators
    * Fire Arms or any other weapons (unless written consent has been given e.g. Defence Force personnel



  51. Equipment within the coaches (including but not restricted to: radios, air-conditioning, audio/video/CD/DVD Players, microphone, PA Systems, beverage facilities and toilet facilities) is provided at the discretion of The Charter Provider, unless otherwise requested by the Hirer.



  52. All lost property will be returned to The Charter Providers office and registered in a Lost & Found Register. Lost property can be collected from our office between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.



  53. Full Payment must be received within three (3) Business days prior to travel. Confirmation of your service can only be made once full payment has been received.

  54. The following methods of payment are accepted at our office. Please refer to your booking for payment procedures.

  55. * Credit Card (Payments made by credit card may incur a fee)
    * Cheque
    * Cash
    * Direct Deposit

  56. Approved account customers will be sent an invoice to be paid within the terms stated on the invoice.



  57. If cancellation notice is received four (4) hours or more prior to departure time, any monies/deposit paid will be refunded in full.

  58. If cancellation notice is received less than four (4) hours prior to departure time, $50 administration/cancellation fee will apply.

  59. If cancellation notice is received within two (2) hours from the time and date of departure, there will be no refund.



  60. If cancellation notice is received within two (2) hours from the time and date of departure, a minimum charge of three (3) hours of the booking cost will be charged 
    In the event of any emergency, riot, civil unrest, strike, lockout, stoppage or restraint of labour or on the happening of any event over which the company has no control (including but not restricted to adverse weather and road conditions, mechanical failure) or in the event of the Hirer taking any action to vary agreed conditions unilaterally, The Charter Provider may, by returning all money paid and without further or other liability, cancel the booking.



  61. Customer will comply with all reasonable directions given by the Charter Provider.



  62. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle.  Any passenger whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations may be removed from the vehicle or prevented from boarding on the drivers’ authority.

  63. The driver is authorised to have an unruly passenger removed, who is threatening or placing the driver or passengers in a dangerous situation.

  64. The Charter Provider reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger, luggage or goods without giving any reason.



  65. The Charter Provider reserves the right to terminate a charter if any actions are deemed threatening or dangerous to the Driver or other passengers.



  66. Any complaints in respect of the company’s services should be made in writing to the company’s office within fourteen (14) days of the completion of the charter.

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