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It is the PRIMARY responsibility of parents, guardians, careers etc. to choose which location on the routes our services operate on that their children will wait for to board and alight our buses on the service of their choice. 

All Services operate by Southern Cross Transit are "Hail & Ride"

The information below is provided only as a guide by Southern Cross Transit so that parents or guardians may be better informed when making decisions about their children’s travel arrangements. Parents or guardians should seek independent or professional advice before instructing their children

  • Southern Cross Transit DO NOT have signed or marked Bus Stops

  • bus drivers will only stop at council marked Bus Stops along our routes.

  • If there are no council marked Bus Stops, choose a location on the route that you think is a safe place for your child to board and alight, then consult with the local council and our office to ensure the bus can stop there.

  • bus drivers will ONLY STOP when Hailed. Often children will assume the driver knows that they want to board their bus BUT there are many occasions where it is NOT the same driver their used to having for various reasons. 

  • below is some further information to assist you when deciding to use our services

Live Tracking

Our GPS location system is in real-time....all the time. Not every 10 minutes, not every 5 minutes, not every minute. We can tell you where your vehicle is within 7 seconds of its location – at all times! You can download the free ‘Transportme Passenger’ app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and track your vehicle in real-time, all for free!  (Click Here) to download the App

What happens if children catch the wrong bus

We are very aware of the need to care for children travelling on our buses. When children get onto the wrong school bus, the driver will contact the depot or arrange to transfer the child to the correct bus or keep them on the bus until the bus returns to the depot. We will contact you when we have been provided with contact details. 


What should we do if the School Bus doesn’t turn up

Why hasn’t my bus arrived?

Here at Southern Cross Transit, we work hard every day to make sure that our buses get out to their school runs on time and in a safe and orderly manner. However, we cannot control the uncontrollable, things like traffic jams, sick drivers and occasional breakdowns can cause unexpected delays. Will the bus be late again tomorrow? No! Unless “lightning strikes twice in the same place” buses will run to schedule. In times, such as these we ask for your patience and understanding.

What should I do?

If you haven't already downloaded our transportme tracking App then you should do so and see the live data to locate your service . If the bus hasn’t arrived at your stop at the normal time you should wait at the bus stop for at least 15 minutes before moving away from it, often the bus will arrive within this time. After this period, if you have a mobile phone we suggest that you contact the duty manager on 0418165547 so that we are aware of where you are waiting.

What if nobody answers?

If you call and the phone is engaged or out of service etc. you will be diverted to a call centre who will take your message details and SMS them to the Duty Manager and other management staff who will call you back as soon as possible. They will then advise you of what you can do OR co-ordinate alternative travel with your PARENTS or LEGAL GUARDIANS.

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

If you or any other student at your bus stop does not have a mobile phone and you choose to leave your stop to get to a phone, then you should advise the other students present that you have left your stop.

If there are no other students at your bus stop and you choose to leave the stop to get to a phone, once you have contacted us, tell us where you are ringing from and depending on access availability (e.g. can a bus fit on this roadway?), we will redirect a bus to pick you up from your current location.

What will Southern Cross Transit do?

Once we are aware of a delayed bus we will investigate the reason for it being late and decide whether another bus needs to be dispatched to take over the run or if it is capable of finishing the run. The affected schools will be informed by telephone that the bus will be late and the expected arrival time of the bus to school.

How long will the replacement bus take to pick me up?

Often whoever you speak to at Southern Cross Transit will be able to give you an approximate time of arrival when you call.   However, as a guide, if we need to dispatch another bus, we will work out what bus can get to your location the quickest.   Usually we will send another bus from our depot or redirect one of the other services. unfortunately, either one of these will often result in at least 15-30 minute delay. 

Still not sure? Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our office on 3812 2520 or visit our website at

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