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SmartCard - Important information

We would like to thank parent's and students for being patient with us as we moved into an exciting new cashless system, we hope that this new technology brings you a more convenient way to manage your fares, and that you enjoy the discounts we have passed on by eliminting cash.

As of Monday 19th of February, we will consider all bus passes issued. What this means to the parents and students is -

Up until now, we were very leniant with students not having bus passes as we were in the process of distributing passes, thus children were not hassled about not having a pass.

  • If you or your child does not have a bus pass, we will now be taking measures to ensure a valid pass is obtained.

  • We will not be openely accepting students telling us they are "waiting on their pass".

So, if your child has NOT received their bus pass, please get in touch with our office to find out why, we can then inform our driver's of any children still waiting.


Understanding your SmartCard.

Monday 12th February must TAP ON and TAP OFF. Failure to do so will result in the highest applicable fare being charged for the route they are on Note: As of Monday 12th February All Drivers have been instructed to inform student's of this change in process and are actively guiding students through it, there is no excuse for not doing so.

Your child has one of three (3) Southern Cross SmartCards:

  • A No fare card - This card has no requirement to pay a fare or have funds put on it, however students must TAP ON / OFF when using a Southern Cross bus

  • A Static fare card - This card has Static fare (a fare that does not change) associated with it that does not change, this is because your child is partially subsidized for school transport. Fare's differ from student to student based on your address, for more information see our fare table here.

  • A Dynamic Fare card - This card card has a Dynamic fare associated with it, the fare is determined by the boarding point and de-boarding point. If you catch the bus from the same location each day, the fare won't change, however if you catch the bus to different locations the fare will be different. The reason for this is because you are NOT subsidized for school transport.

If you have any questions or queries about your SmartCard, or an incorrect fare being charged or anything else, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to sort it out.


Lost or damaged card?

If you have a lost or damaged SmartCard, please head here and fill out this short form. There is a $20.00 replacement fee for lost or damaged cards, so please look after them!

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