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Staying informed

Hello parents and students.

You might have noticed over the last 6 months, we have tried to constantly better our communication outlets with you. We have been pushing parents and students to follow us on facebook, keep upto date on our website and generally stay in touch, with that being said we are adding another method of communication so there is even less of a chance you miss an important peice of information pertaining to your service, that being SMS notifcations for important events.

So, to summarize our methods of communication to you, let's take a look at our process.

1. We will post a "Latest News" artical here: just like this one!

2. We will share the news artical to our facebook page here: you can turn notifcations on for pages you follow, see this guide

3. We will send out emails linking the news artical to those of you who have subscribed on our website. Please check your junk folder and ensure you mark our emails as safe!

4. We may send out SMS notifcations linking the artical - This comes at a cost to us personally, so depending on the urgency or nature of the artical, we may choose not to notify by SMS as we deem the afformentioned 3 methods enough.


We kindly ask that you subscribe to our mailing list, simply visit our website and a popup will appear with a short from to fill out.

We also ask that you ensure your contact information is upto date with us (your mobile phone number), give us a call and check what we have on file.

Parents and students have the tools available to never miss anything and we are going above and beyond to ensure this.


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