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Ipswich Service changes (updated)

from Tuesday 23rd April we will be commencing revised services to/from ALL IPSWICH CBD (both Grammar Schools, St Edmunds & St Marys Colleges, St Josephs Catholic Primary, and Blair State) schools including Ipswich State High and Brassall State Primary schools. For more information click here . These changes are to address passenger loadings and journey times so please have a look at these changes and lets us know your thoughts. Remember, we can't please everyone and unfortunately some students travel patterns may be adversely affected. However, most students should benefit by the changes


from Tuesday 23rd April we will no longer be operating services along the following roadways in Karalee; Darling Ct, Willowdowns Dr, and Diamantina Cir. Unfortunately, due to a number of near misses with other road users and significant wear and tear on our buses, we have deemed these roadways UNSAFE for them to continue operating on. We apologise for any inconvenience as we are very conscious of the extra distance children may have to now walk BUT continuing to operate our services on these roadways puts them and other road users at high risk as well this change may cause. For more information click here .

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