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Changes to Kenmore SHS services for TODAY only (12th August 2019)

Due to a burst water main in Kilkivan Ave, Kenmore, our buses and all other traffic are unable to enter Cromarty Street for pick up this afternoon.

ALL BUSES will be picking up from MABB Street this afternoon. The school is aware and directing students accordingly.

We will have a manager on site to co-ordinate the buses and bring them in one by one in the same order they would normally pick up in Cromarty Street. Police have also stated that there will be traffic management in place to help this go as smoothly as possible.

S47 will pick up in Mabb St then proceed to Kenmore SS and OLR, transferring any students as necessary at the Misty Morn Bus Stop on Moggill Road (just before Rafting Ground Road).

Due to the extra distance and traffic all services may run a little later than normal.

Please let us know if you have any further concerns on 07 3813 8900.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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