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Flood Waters - Feb 13th 2020

Due to the recent rains there is some flooding in some areas causing roads to be closed. Currently affected is Lancing Street and Grandview Road. These are underwater and our buses cannot get through. Affected routes currently are: S60, S64, S31 and S43. The buses that normally come down Lancing St, will come down Boyle Rd and do a three point turn at the corner of Boyle and Lancing. All these buses normally travel down Pullenvale Rd. They will now travel down Moggill Road, Left Pullenvale Rd and down to Pullenvale Hall where they will do a 3 point turn. Except for the S64 as there is usually a student at Pullenvale SS, this service will continue down to Pullenvale SS and the driver assures us there is a driveway he can do a three point turn in. However S60, S43 and S31 will do a three point turn at the Pullenvale Hall. If you live in these areas, please ensure there is a safe place for students to wait for the bus. Please note this plan is only in action while there are flood waters over Lancing St and Boyle Rd. When flood waters go, our services will revert to normal. We are keeping our eyes on other concerning areas as this rain continues. Stay safe in this weather! If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by replying to this email or calling on 07 3813 8900. Kind regards, Brianna Jordan Operations Manager.

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