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School Runs Next Week (Monday 20th April - Friday 24th April)

As you are all probably aware, schools are staying open for students of parents/guardians that are essential workers as well as those who cannot be distance taught. Our services will STILL BE OPERATING by their normal Term 1 timetables in the MORNING for at least two weeks with the exception of S65 to Ambrose Treacy and Brigidine Colleges. The AFTERNOON services will also run as normal via all school pick ups and then drop students as required. We will assess the demand for services during the first two weeks of the school term and then we will consult with schools, colleges and the Department of transport on possible services variations.

S65 - In discussion with Ambrose Treacy and Brigidine Colleges, this bus services will be suspended until further notice. If your student attends one of these schools, has a bus pass with STAS funding AND needs to travel to school by bus, please contact our office and we will make arrangements for you.

All buses are sanitised after every school run and cleaned in accordance to the new health regulations during this crisis. There is also hand sanitiser available for use on each bus.

If you have any queries regarding this information, please so not hesitate to contact us on

07 3813 8900 or by email

Thank you and stay safe.

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