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Back to a New Normal

Monday, 25th May, 2020 all grades will be back at school. All our services will be running by the normal timetables for all students.


Due to the safety of our drivers and passengers we WILL NOT be accepting any CASH on the buses for the ongoing future. If you do not currently have a SmartCard, please apply as soon as possible as this is the only method for payment at this time. Apply for a NEW SmartCard here OR a REPLACEMENT here.

If you do not obtain a SmartCard within a reasonable timeframe you may be up for fare evasion as part of Code of Conduct practices.


Please see below for an extract from Qld Dept of Education regarding guidelines on school transport in the current climate.

Will my child still be able to access school transport arrangements?

Yes. Normal school transport arrangements will apply.

Physical distancing requirements are exempt for public transport (including buses), however physical distancing guidelines should be followed at bus interchange locations, pick-ups and drop-offs and on other shared transport services.

Transport operators will ensure that buses and surface touch points are cleaned according to COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection recommendations.

Due to the customised nature of specialist school transport for students with disability (minibus, taxi or supported bus travel), parents will need to advise transport providers if their child is not travelling. Individual escort arrangements will continue.

Please click here for further information.

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