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2021 SmartCards

NEW STUDENTS who have applied for our Transportme SmartCards online would be wondering when they will receive their cards. Our awesome team will be returning to work on Monday 11th January and will be working through your applications to get them out to you ASAP. Generally, we will mail the passes, but you can contact us to arrange to pick it up from our office if its more convenient. Australia Post deliveries can take many days, if not weeks, to get to you, so we would encourage you to collect the pass from our office.

RETURNING STUDENTS whose circumstances have NOT changed, can continue to use last years Transportme Smartcard. Some examples of changed circumstances are:

* if they are in Year 7 in 2021, even if they're attending the same college/school, OR

* changed schools, OR

* moved to a new house

If the students circumstances have changed, they MUST re-apply via this webiste:

Please contact our office for more information


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