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2022 Start of Year Notices

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to another year with Southern Cross Transit.

Seems the year is starting off challenging, however we are excited to see what the rest of the year will bring!

24th January - 4th February

Although the official school date has been postponed until the 7th February, schools are open from the 24th January for students whos parents are essential workers.

Due to this we are still be operating AS NORMAL for all services EXCEPT S65.

S65 is a service operated by Ambrose Treacy College and Brigidine College and therefore it is their choice not to run this service. For the delayed period of school, students for this service will be required to make other arrangements.

TransportMe Bus Passes

Our office staff have been working tirelessly for the past week to create and update all bus passes. If you had applied before 17th January, then your pass is now in the mail!

If you haven't applied yet, please do so as soon as possible. As well as new applications, you must re-apply for any of the following reasons:

- Changed schools

- Changed addresses

- Commencing high school (even if at the same school.

Changes at Kenmore SHS

If you are a parent for Kenmore SHS, you should already be aware of the time changes they are starting this year for MONDAYS ONLY.

On Monday's Kenmore SHS now finishes at 2:15pm. Therefore our school bus services will now commence 45 minutes earlier, the first buses leaving Cromarty Street at 2:25pm. Please click on the services below to see the updated timetables to reflect this change.


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