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Kenmore SHS Early Finish

Kenmore State High School closes at 1:05 PM tomorrow, Thursday 6th May, 2021 for parent teacher interviews.

Due to this, our services S40 - S47 will be operating 2 hours earlier than normal.

They will be departing Kenmore SHS, Cromarty Street at the following times:

1:15 - S42, S41, S40

1:20 - S43, S47

1:25 - S45, S46, S44

Students for Kenmore SS and OLR - A bus will come by both of these schools at the normal times departing Kenmore SS at 3:05 and OLR at 3:10. The bus that picks these students up will DROP AS REQUIRED. This means there will be no need for transfers to other services and students may arrive home earlier than normal. This bus will be logged into TransportMe as S47. Please use our tracking app for regular updates on where the buses are.

If you have any enquiries regarding this change tomorrow, please email us at or phone on 07 3813 8900.


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