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Loading Issues at Kenmore SHS

Due to loading issues on some services, in particular S42PM and S45PM, we must restrict who can catch which service. After investigation it seems that students who live in Mt Crosby, Karana Downs, Karalee and Barellan Point are not catching the correct bus, causing the earlier buses to overload.

S42 - Students are catching the bus from Cromarty St to Essendon Road and parents are picking them up from there.

S45 - Students have been catching S45 to the Shell Service station in Karalee when it clearly states on the run sheet that there are "absolutely no drop offs in Mount Crosby, Karana Downs, Chuwar and Karalee due to loadings."

Catching the incorrect service is causing an overload on these buses and we have a responsibility to the safety of all students to avoid standing passengers. As this has become a regular occurance, we must step in.

FROM TERM 3 - 11TH JULY 2022

Students who live west of Kholo Creek (Mt Crosby, Karana Downs, Karalee, Chuwar Barellan Point) MUST catch the services that depart from Mabb Street in the afternoons between 3:40 and 4pm or make other arrangements.

We understand that it is frustrating to wait so long after school for the bus, however we must service the students who have Kenmore SHS as their closest state school first, and students who are closer to Ipswich SHS second.

Please remember, the safety of the students is our number one priority. These restrictions have always been implied as STAS students are only eligible for travel to their HOME. However, we must enforce this now because of the overloading causing safety issues.

*Left of the black line in the picture below should be catching the buses from MABB St not CROMARTY St

Please see new copies of the run sheets below to reflect these restrictions:


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