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2nd March 2022

The road is clear for buses to get through Pullenvale on Moggill Rd!!!!

S60 is in the area not starting its run from Anstead!

S43 is also in the area ready to do as much of it's service around Pullenvale.

We also have 4 more buses headed to the area:

S41 - Heading to Corner of Sugars and Moggill Rd and commencing normal S41 (2nd run)

S42 - Still picking up in Karalee, Will complete normal S42 in Moggill area as well

S44 - Heading to Livesay Rd and commencing normal S44

S46 - Heading to Corner of Hawkesbury Rd and Mt Crosby Rd and commencing normal S46

S47 - Heading to Corner of Witty Rd and Hawkesbury Rd and commencing normal S47

STUDENTS THAT NORMALLY CATCH S40 - Can catch S47 from Kangaroo Gully Rd (opposite side of road) and S46 on Montanus Dr

STUDENTS THAT NORMALLY CATCH S45 - Can catch S47 on Kangarool Gully Rd (opposite side of road) and S44 will come past Moggill SS and where the road forks.


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